Our products

Our products include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Blended Ugali Flour
  • Blended Uji Flour
  • Pure Cassava Flour
  • Honey
  • Amaranth
  • Brown Sorghum
  • Finger Millet
  • White Sorghum
  • Green Grams

Our value chains

The Cassava Value Chain (Cassava Faida)

Dashcrop limited has a support base of over 12400 farmers owning a total of 6300 acres of cassava. The company buys both seeds from the 105 specialised seed entrepreneurs which it supplies to other markets. The seed entrepreneurs are the main source of seed for the farmers. Each cutting of 15cm is bought at 1/= or 1000/= per bag. Tubers are bought at 5/= per kg while peeled and dried cassava chips are bought at 40/= per kilogram.

Technical support to the farmers is being offered by RhEAL solutions, a partner NGO who have specialized in taking the farmers in their groups through a variety of trainings ranging from Group management, good agronomic practices, and farming as a business.

Dashcrop through partnership with Rafiki Microfinance has been able to support 747 farmers with credit facilities to enable them to carry out cassava farming as a business.

Currently, the company is embarking on a road map to mechanization of cassava farming focusing more so on harvest and post-harvest handling which is quite tedious and time consuming when done manually. This will enhance efficiency in production and encourage farmers to increase the acreage under Cassava production.

The Sorghum Value Chain (Kilimo Fanisi)

The sorghum value chain is diversified into two main lines: one focusing on the red variety majorly grown for both domestic and commercial food industry and the white variety mainly grown for industrial purposes. Dashcrop limited started off with 1 farmer group growing 100 acres of red sorghum in 2016. This has grown to 2300 farmers having over 6000 acres of red sorghum (30%) and white sorghum (70%). So far 256 farmers have taken input loans from Kenya Commercial Bank. Under the Farm To Market Alliance these farmers also enjoy technical support from seed companies, Agro chemical companies and voluntary insurance from APA, with Dashcrop being a social enterprise, there farmers are aware of prices both at the farm level and also to the final buyer.

Legumes Value Chain

Legumes such as beans, peas, Soya and green grams are intercropped with cassava at the onset of planting or grown separately. Apart from Soya and the N60 variety of green grams, the other legumes are brought from the local markets hence the need for a streamlined seed systems.

Other High Valued Crops

Dashcrop has a selected number of groups who are focusing on production of finger millet and amaranth seeds which the company uses in blending its own products. Due to the sensitivity of the two crops and lack of an external large scale market, the company has limited the acreage for each doing a maximum of 50 acres per value chain per season.

Our activities

We support agronomic services.

We manufacturer DashBlends of porridge, ugali and pure cassava flour.

We do aggregation (buying and selling) of cassava, legumes, finger millet, amaranth and sorghum.

We supply our farmers with quality seeds that are certified. This and application of good agricultural practices will ensure increased yield and good quality sorghum.

We verify farmers' acreage to help quantify the amount of input i.e. seeds and fertilizers to apply per acre.

We carry out registration of farmers.

We delivery inputs (last mileage).

We pay input suppliers.

We verify and monitor agronomic activities.

We facilitate threshers and set up collection points.